A little snippet about me...

I've had a deep passion for photography as long as I can remember. Not only can it freeze a moment in time, but it can unlock nostalgic memories and that feeling is truly unparalleled.

Those old film photos that you look back on of your family, one day someone will be doing the same thing with your photos and as a photographer, I love being a part of that. I feel so lucky to have photos of my relatives from decades past, stemming from a small town in Pennsylvania, all the way to the island of Puerto Rico.

Through photography, I'm able to see what my great-great grandparents looked like in the 1920's. I'm also able to see my great grandfather, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles. My parents as kids and what they looked like on their wedding day. My cousins, my brother and little ol' me in the 80's. I find it truly fascinating that photography allows you to go back in time.

THIS is why I love doing what I do. It's more than just an art form, it's capturing milestones and leaving behind a legacy.

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Bosch Studios Photography bio

Let's address the elephant in the room...

You're probably wondering why my business name has the word "studio" in it even though I don't offer a studio space. Let me explain - back in 2009 before I graduated from photography school, one of our final assignments was to pick a business name and put together a website. I struggled a bit because there was already another Michelle Bosch photographer (what are the odds?) and I really wanted a name that stood out. At the time, my goal was to be a fashion photographer and I eventually wanted to own a studio, so I came up with Bosch Studios Photography. After I graduated, I slowly realized I enjoyed working with families on location instead. I developed a client base and people came to know me as "Bosch Studios." After 13 years of business, I'm super proud of what I've established. The name stays.



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"You have such a meaningful job and you are so amazing at it. You're able to make people feel comfortable in order to capture intimate moments. You have to have so many skills and you've got them all! One day I will be an old lady remembering this special time while looking at these photos."

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